About Us

Opening Bedizen wasn’t by mistake, it’s no coincidence and honesty the start was a bit of fate. Here’s why.

As a little girl I was drawing and designing clothes dreaming of one day making it all come to real life. After years of keeping that little girl dream in the back of my mind, the opportunity to open a clothing store front came up.

Like all ideas go, I told my mom about the opportunity to open a store. The first thing she asked was, what would you call your store? Not coming up with any good ideas she told me a story about a rock band that came up with their name by dropping a dictionary on the floor and point to word on the page it opened to. So, I opened the dictionary app and the word of the day was, Bedizen.

Bedizen be·di·zen (verb) to dress or adorn gaudily

That was it, it was meant to be. By December 2019 we were open for business as the little boutique on the prairie in De Smet South Dakota.

My style is a blend of girly girl – tomboy, country girl – city chic and classic romantic – trendy modern. I’ve always been drawn to prints, patterns, textures, bold bright colors and things that shimmer and shine. The way I dress is moody, color coordinated and a bit bedizen.

I truly hope you enjoy, this my bedizen.

xoxo - Victoria

Bedizen Women's Clothing Boutique De Smet South Dakota